A little info and answers to frequently asked invitation questions…

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Joseph Nasri      

My goal is to create beautifully designed paper products and designs with a focus on wedding invitations, ensuring you find the wedding stationery process as enjoyable as possible!

Whether you choose one of my previous designs or would like me to create something just for you, I will assist you in building a beautiful paper creation that is uniquely yours! I’ll work with you on everything from your save the dates,  to your invitations,  along with the “day-of” items, so your stationery has a cohesive and unique look.

Let me create something for you that will be met with the coveted
“oohs” and “aahs”.

To begin with your invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. With that said you need to find or create an invitation that speaks to your personal style as a couple, that feels like it “matches” you and one that reflects the kind of event that you envision your wedding will be.

Your invitations are more than likely the most significant stationery purchase you will ever make and a significant part of your wedding.

There are numerous options for invitations, however I am biased and will always recommend using a local stationer. This allows you face-to-face contact, where you can develop a relationship and they are easily accessible if you have any issues.

Remember when creating your invitation budget, that you need not only to consider the cost of your invitations but the day of paper, thank you notes and the cost of postage.

The day of paper consists of items such as programs, menus, table numbers, escort cards favor tags, etc. these should all have a similar look and feel, they do not need to match your invitations exactly, but be of a similar quality and design. You will want to have a cohesive look and feel throughout your event, your day of paper continues a thread, expresses the theme of your day.

As for postage you will need a stamp for both the outer envelope and the rsvp envelope or rsvp post card. If you have an odd shaped or overweight invitation you will need extra postage, which happens quite frequently.

The basic time line for all your paper ordering and mailing dates

Should be ordered and mailed 6-8 months before the wedding.
Should be designed 6-8 months before the wedding.
Should be mailed 6-8* weeks before the wedding.
(6 weeks if there is a Save the Date, 8 weeks if there is not)
Destination weddings or weddings during holidays should be sent earlier.

Should be mailed  1-2 weeks after the formal invitations or they may be included in the invitation.

Should be ordered 1-2 months before the wedding.
 (Day of paper includes escort cards, place cards, menus, napkins, cups, signage, favor tags, and other party accessories.)

RSVP’s should be requested 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

Should be sent within 4 weeks for gifts received before the wedding.
Should be sent within 2-3 months for gifts received at and after the wedding.

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