Dawn & Luke

Julia- We can not tell you how ABSOLUTELY THRILLED we are with the invitations! I have already had some guests call and compliment how perfect they are for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making this so simple for us! You are MORE than welcome to share our invitations on your social media! We are so happy with your work! J


I seriously can’t say enough great things about working with Julia on our wedding invitations. I only met with her once and she was so prepared with different options but made sure I wasn’t too overwhelmed by walking me through different customization options. When it came time to send our invites, Julia handled the entire process of putting the invitations, details card and RSVP cards together and mailing them all for me and was also super responsive to anything else I needed. I got so many compliments on how elegant my invitations were and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Also her prices are extremely reasonable. If you’re thinking about hiring her, don’t hesitate. You definitely won’t regret it!

Pam & Carl

If you’re on the fence about custom invitations, GO TO JULIA!

We were partnered with Julia through our wedding venue to design a custom invitation suite and she absolutely delivered. I had very few ideas about what I wanted, and I had a hard time conveying that, too. After 3-4 revisions, Julia brought our picturesque floral invitations all together with a dainty pink envelope, twine, and wax seal. Our invitations were stunning and amazing quality.

Regarding custom invitations: I will say this part of wedding planning (picking out invitations in general) can be tricky and Julia made it so easy. Not having to stamp, stuff, address, mail, etc. was a huge relief. I had never really considered a custom invitation, and in the end, I can’t imagine having done it any other way. After A While Crocodile was fantastic, and I recommend Julia 10000%.


Julia is psychic. We met once to discuss the theme for my mother’s 90th birthday celebration and she perfectly created and captured what we wanted. She’s creative, intuitive and elevated the event with her flair for continuity beginning with the invitations down to the details on every table and thank you notes. She is my “go to” planner.


We absolutely adore Julia! Her work is impeccable. We gave her our vision for the wedding and she brought it to life. She made our save the dates, wedding invitations and ceremony programs. We cannot wait to have Julia create more invitations for celebrations to come! She’s a beautiful person inside and out and so inviting. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

NMJ said

NMJ said…
After A While Crocodile’s timeless, classic, and carefully curated approach to creating truly one-of-a-kind paper arrangements, is a clear choice if you want a personalized touch that speaks to your relationship and wedding day. After a While Crocodile’s attention to details and specifics were all carefully adhered to, and Julia still kept our overall theme/style uniform yet very unique to our relationship. We’ve considered using popular wedding stationary sites that are widely available, but the cookie cutter “pick from this list and that list” was not our style. Almost all of our decorations were made by hand (ours) down to the individual wedding favors and we want to have the same intimate touch when it came to our stationary. Julia gave us plenty of input in terms of texture, paper weight, color coordination, and envelope to invite match. She sent us samples of our papers at various points throughout the process to ensure our satisfaction with the progress and kept us all on the same page. We received all of our papers well before the promised date, and we were able to enjoy and prepare our papers according to our timeline. Julia offered us a wide range of options based on our color scheme and hand embedded each envelope liner into the envelop ensuring the right alignment and giving it a real personal touch. She helped us create our “Wedding Invites”, “Day Of Wedding Papers”, and “Table Numbers”; everything from design, dimension, to delivery was perfect. We categorically recommend After A While Crocodile to any and every one that desires unique, creative, beautiful stationary designs for any occasion.